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Paquicao-Mosley :”Shame on Shane” Mostly crtical analyts say Mosley’s sugar is gone

Posted on 08 May 2011 by mikeinmanila

Shame on Shane: Most fight fans scored the fight far worse than the judges. Many booed Shane Mosley, who many said “refused to fight Pac-Man and was described by boxing analysts as having gone on ‘survival mode’ which left fans disappointed and agreeing with judges unanimous decision.”
The final score tallied was: 120-108, 120-107, and 119-108, all in Manny Pacquiao’s favor two Judges scored ‘Pacman’, flawless in perfect 120 scores for all 12 rounds.
For Boxing fans worldwide who eagerly awaited the biggest fight so far this 2011 in Las Vegas, Nevada. The Pacquaio-Mosley fight was criticized as a let-down.

Shane Mosley in shades after PacMosley fight - photo by @chercalvin on tweetpix

1/ Judges score for Manny Pacquiao whose one-two combo to the head at the two-minute mark excited fans,

Mosley did connect with one strong body hit towards end of the round. Fighters were sizing up each other in this round.
2/Mosley failed to connect with combinations as Pacquiao started to attack. Pacquiao scored on a triple set of punches in the latter stretch of the round. Pacquiao takes round.
3/Pacquiao landed some good1-2 combo shots, analysts noted a solid left to the right temple that dropped Mosley near the one-minute mark of the third. Mosley’s knees wobbled as he felt Pacquiaos’s attack and speed.
4/Mosley starts to shift to defensive mode a slip by Shane at the two-minute mark. Mosley put up one set of strung together punches. Pacquiao seemed frustrated as he taunted Mosley to come in and fight. Mosley did land a right counter towards the end of the round.
5/Mosley worked body punches, vs. Pacquiao, continued his attack. But Shane worked defensive mode.
6/ Mosley remained mostly still in defensive mode was able to block a right hook threw a few jabs Pacquiao scored well with a one-two combo, Mosley effectively back peddled out range. Towards the end Mosley countered with one solid right to the face of Pacquiao.
7/Mosley still defense and not throwing any major attempts. Roach heard telling Pacquiao “work on the middle” Pacquiao tried to get opening but Mosley moonwalked away from attack.
8/Mosley got an upper cut on Pacquiao who continued attack. Pacquiao threw a combo, but Mosley covered up tried a few punches, but survival styled defense upset Pacquiao visibly.
9/Pacquiao scored on three punches to the face of Mosley toward end of the round. Mosley covered up kept moving away. Manny’s speed did best to keep up with back-peddling evasive style of a clearly defensive Mosley.
10/ Pacquiao’s pushed and tripped referee -Kenny Bayless – gave him a mandatory eight-count for a knockdown. Reacting Pacquiao, stepped up his attack and scoring on several combinations. Mosley more survivalist in method even with eight-count round goes to Pac-Man.

Pacquiao at the Podium in presser on stage with Pacman his dad, his wife jinky, and, socialite Paris Hilton photo by @chercalvin on tweetpix

11/Pacquiao went in for Knockout and pressed harder with attack Lightning-fast scored unopposed combinations on Mosley exhausted and cautioned for holding on to Pacquiao, avoiding a knockdown Judges gave round Pacquiao.

12/Mosley attempted to show proof of life as he attempted jabs. Pacquiao landed crushing left to head in final minute on Mosley. Upset clearly at end at Mosley for not going down as final bell sounded

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